Environmental responsibility

We continually work with environmental matters and strive to offer our guests an environmentally-friendly hotel to the furthest extent possible – without compromising on our quality of service.

The Property

  • Sorting for disposal of food waste, plastic, paper, etc.
  • Receptacles for paper collection for recycling are placed in offices, kitchens and staff rooms.
  • All textiles we replace for any reason are given to charitable organisations that collect such.
  • Collection of paper for recycling (in a special container from the City of Västerås)
  • Containers for glass recycling
  • Aluminium cans are collected from all hotel rooms and sent for recycling.
  • All corrugated paper materials are collected and sent for recycling.
  • Fluorescent lamps, batteries and light bulbs are returned to a particular station.
  • Energy saving light bulbs are used wherever possible, for instance in interior corridors and exterior outdoor lights for which burn time is very long

The hotel rooms

  • Unbleached toilet paper and paper towels are used.
  • We only have one light on in the hotel rooms for arriving guests and only during the winter months. This lamp is turned on in the late afternoon so that it will not be burning throughout the day.
  • Refillable dispensers are used in our hotel rooms, staff rooms and the relaxation area, instead of disposable packaging. These are good environmental choice and meet the environmental criteria as established by the Naturskyddsföreningen / The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation.
  • In all hotel rooms we have a small sign where we ask guests staying more than one night to reuse their towel more than once.
  • Newspapers from the hotel rooms are sent for recycling.


  • Office machines such as photocopiers and computers are turned off completely when not in use for an extended period of time.
  • The printer we use for the printing of our brochures and other printed materials is a “green printer” who uses a waterless offset printing process to better protect the environment, both for the printer and the environment in general.
  • Copy paper is to be eco-labelled.

Cleaning fluids

  • The cleaning fluids and laundry detergent used are eco-labelled and environmentally approved.
  • Containers/bottles with cleaning fluids are reused
  • Eco-labelled dishwashing soap is used


  • Strict environmental requirements are imposed on the laundry company we use.
  • We buy bulk packaging wherever possible.

Continuous measures

Some examples of measures continuously taken when the opportunity arises and environmentally friendly materials are available:

  • Low-flow toilets installed when we replace the existing ones.
  • Low-flow nozzles for faucets and showers installed in all bathrooms.
  • Thorough documentation of environmental work and procedures shall be made in order that all employees may be better able to actively contribute to environmental considerations.
  • Higher priority to cooperation with suppliers who have explicit environmental programs.
  • Reduce the amount of refuse and the use of water and energy.

General information

Please note that your reservation is not confirmed until you receive confirmation from us with a booking confirmation number.

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